Line Cooks of the World Unite!

“Line Cooks of the World Unite!  You have nothing to lose but your drains!  Join servers, prep guys, dishwashers!  Back waiters, we welcome you!  Embrace one another and struggle forward!”

–Anonymous Line Cook from an upscale restaurant in NYC

I was wondering–was it just the other day, I can no longer be sure–when the groundswell of discontent among the malcontents in the industry known ironically as Hospitality would rise up and bite the hands that feed them.  Wouldn’t it be a sight?  Can you see the restaurant workers, spoons and spatulas and knives in hand, crossing the line, leaving the line, and saying: No mas, boss!

The heat of the kitchen, the pace on the floor, the demands in the front of the house, the give and take-take-take in the kitchen…

I’m inviting restaurant workers to express their points of view here.  Right here!  Right now!

What are the psychological tensions of working in the industry?  When will things change?

As George Clinton said: “Do fries go with that shake?”


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