Neapolitan Pizza

See, there’s this organization, based in Naples, that has established strict, unyielding criteria for what they consider to be Neapolitan Pizza.  Naples, they assert, is the home of pizza, the mother oven, and what with all the versions of pizza on the planet, from pulled pork toppings on pies, etc., the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana decided to step in.  Basta, as it were.

Pizzeria Posto, in Somerville, and Eataly, in NYC, are both producing pizzas that adhere to the standards of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana.  These are the pies I remember as a kid from Conca d’Ora in Plainfield.  Before the race riots, before downtown was a wasteland.

We’re talking thick pie shells, house made mozzarella that still has a creamy and milky taste, chunky tomatoes, good olive oil, and a baking time of under 60 seconds.

If only life itself was as perfect as these pies!

As the train rolled through Connecticut, I enjoyed four slices of Eataly’s pie and a cold Heineken.

Ode to Joy!

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