You Tube is the new Food Network

In yet another sign that America’s preoccupation with food is, um, all consuming, the NY Times reports in today’s Business Section that YouTube is hiring Bruce Seidel to start a new food channel.  Mr. Seidel is not a household name, but the shows he produced for The Food Channel are: “Food Network Star” and “Iron Chef America.”

Look, he helped changed the landscape of cooking, the restaurant industry, how people think of chefs, and how chefs think of themselves.  This may not seem like much to some people, but when perceptions shift about one profession, especially this huge one, it means that perceptions about other jobs change, too.  The way media is viewed, the way food at home is understood, the ways we relate to one another on the street and in offices.

“Change, change, change!”  (Shout out to the Queen of Soul.)

Plus, this is big business.  Look who’s behind Mr. Seidel: “Electus, the multimedia studio formed by Ben Silverman, the former co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, will announce on Monday that it has recruited Mr. Seidel as chief executive of the channel, which has not been named.”  Further: “Mr. Silverman said that when he was recruiting Mr. Seidel for the online job, they discussed how the new channel could ‘discover new stars and galvanize the niches that are driving the Internet food conversation.'”

This move?  It signals the start of a new era.  Ignore it at your peril.

Here’s the link:


One thought on “You Tube is the new Food Network

  1. Interesting story. Thanks for it. The start of something has, clearly, already started with the advent of the shows you mentioned. [I guess I should be watching them but they don’t hold much interest for me. As entertainment, certainly. Do they make you a better cook? Don’t think so.] But fascinating to me that YouTube is throwing its hat into the ring. Stay tuned, as they say.

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