Superbowl Sunday and What Have We Done?

Like most people, my eyes mist over and I develop a rash whenever I hear The Fugees’ sampling of that old Lennon chestnut, “War is Over,” transformed into a song for the Superbowl.  When the tune was first released in 1996, during Halftime at the memorable Steelers-Cowboys, the fan reaction, some of you may recall, was lukewarm.  It took another year before, “Superbowl Sunday and What Have We Done?” became a sports anthem.

This was so long ago that chips and salsa, avocado dip, and Italian-American stuffed meat sandwiches were de rigueur.  Nowadays, we’re talking healthier game snacks like turkey and black bean chili.  No?  We’re not?  It’s still chips and salsa?  So be it.

The plan here was to drive to Brooklyn and watch The Big Game in a neighborhood bar, eat pizza, and drink beer.  But, no, instead I’m still locked indoors finishing my book about chefs.  Mid-day I’ll run three miles and lift weights.  I’m giving serious thought to watching the game at home with cold beer and wings or…who knows?  Maybe I’ll join the devoted in a Boston bar.  Not likely, I know.

I do know one thing: I’ll be thinking all day about Wyclef and his duet with Miss Lauryn Hill: “Superbowl…Superbowl…Sup-sup-sup-ah-ah-ah,sup-sup-sup-Superbowl Sunday, yah, bruddahs, yah sistahs, Superbowl Sunday and What Have We Done?”











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