The Conditions of the Pre-Release Program

I was released late Monday afternoon.  Coffee never tasted better, the sun shone its brightest.  All the lights were green.  All the women were beautiful.

There remain rules, guidelines, expectations, anticipations, conundrums, and, of course, What Have You.

The biggest thing?

The biggest thing is to stay focused.  So the very next morning after writing page three hundred and fifty eight, I set to work on the fourth interview for Times of India on NRI’s.  That’s Non-Resident Indians, for you non-subcontinentals.

Then I wrote two reports, saw two psychiatric inpatients, two outpatients, and fourteen unemployed people who report mental illness.

If the goal is to create more stress in my life, I am inching closer to achievement.

To alleviate stress, we have the two dogs, a treadmill, and food.

Glorious food.  Why, last night we’re talking about a Piedmontese breed of cow (fassano or double muscle) that produces beef deeply textured and low in fat.  Pat LaFrieda is the genius purveyor behind this.  Pan seared in duck fat and served with steamed beets and carrots tossed in olive oil.  Wow.  Not enough to make me forget the legalisms of Himmler, about whom I’m reading, but still, respite.

The remarkable thing about the Himmler bio is this: The author manages to describe the legal framework and the institutional development of the terror apparatus such that for the first time ever I understand how murder on a grand scale took place.  People could not believe their eyes.

But, oh, that beef!

Hush, my P.O. is calling my name…


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