They’re Dropping Like Flies!

This week alone, my friend J. scheduled open heart surgery to try to repair a weak valve while M. had a stroke followed by a post-op heart attack.

Over the summer, there was a suicide, a death from pneumonia, and a heart attack: DOA.

The cure?
Why, duck Bolognese, of course!

Heat a cast iron pan.

Cut a duck breast into neat, little cubes.  Same with a carrot and celery.  Slice up 1/2 an onion and two garlic cloves.

Add duck to duck.  Crank up heat.

When he duck has browned, add everything else.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

In a pot, you’ve already made pasta nearly done; add pasta to sauce.  Stir.

Put in bowls.  Grate good parmesan over everything.  Adjust pepper.


Having dogs has helped me adjust to time; otherwise, I’d worry more.

With dogs, it’s always one time: Time to go for a walk!


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