Snapper, Chicken, Snapper, Chicken

That about says it all.  In this compound, the dinners are snapper (curried, baked, escoveitch) or chicken (fried or jerk).  Fresh ch0cho steamed with carrots and green beans.  Mashed potato.  Pumpkin, yam.

Energy built up from the diet enabled me to complete the first pass (or edit) of my book on chefs and restaurants.  It weighs in at 358 pages.  Hefty, brothers and sisters!  The next edit will take place stateside.

Between edits, the book list winnows: “Open City”–a Nigerian’s wistful, faux, observations; a book on Japan’s first mission to the West, written by the diplomat who organized the visits; and, “Troubles,” by J.G. Farrell, a classic satire on Ireland.  Common thread?  Cultural discombobulation as experienced by ordinary people whose identities fluctuate according to their sense of place.  Or: Good writing.

Tonight it’s grilled jerk chicken.  They don’t use spices here as completely as I’ve been taught to apply to the dish.  Powder!  Powdered spice mix!  In contrast, I use ginger, garlic, onion, allspice that I grind, lots of fresh thyme, black pepper, and soy.



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