The Space Between

A lull over the battlefields: Cloudy or it could just be that the wisps from turrets have gathered in the morning sky.  I do smell sulphur, but all that means is that the residue of blasts may have combined with precipitation.

One more pass to go on the book before I send it in and that means that there will be a blessed lull until the next Big Project.  I’m thinking it’ll be that book on prominent NRIs, but who knows?  Maybe it’ll be something about tapeworms or the roots of French cooking.

Meanwhile, until the orders are given–advance, stay put, retreat–I’m looking forward to new books by Houllebecq, Englander, and Miller.  Miller is a geezer at U-M Law School who has just written a memoir about getting old, using Icelandic sagas, which he teaches somehow, to inform his viewpoints.

While in The Haas Test Kitchen, we’re talking chanterelles with bucatini; turkey meatloaf; and, chicken parm: These will sustain us!  We shall persevere!



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