Booked & Banned

In the PLUS column, signified here by the symbol of a “+,” which can be found in Sumerian texts alongside fabulous recipes for brewing beer, is a piece in Improper Bostonian (2/29/12) on my upcoming book. Originally titled, “Best Beach Book Ever,” my book about chefs and restaurants then underwent a revision to a title that might reflect better what it is all about.  “Best Airplane Book” ever did not meet the approval of Marketing, however, so we’re calling it: “In the Weeds: The Psychology of Chefs and Restaurants.”  At present I am negotiating with Beyonce to write the introduction, no joke.

In the MINUS column, signified here with a “-” symbol, which is rooted in the cave drawings recently filmed by Herzog, is what seems to be the fact that a certain newspaper in a certain city has certain editors who, though they once read and even published–that’s right published–my work no longer respond to my emails typically or, when they do, it’s to say they are backlogged.  How did this turn of events come about?  Oh, Heraclitus, honey, you is right again!  Character is fate!  I’ve only myself to blame.  I mean: What was I thinking when I made fun of certain employees of this certain paper on this uncertain site?  Was I wrong to make fun of the restaurant reviewer, food editor, and a couple of recipe writers?

Some days I feel like Bugs Bunny.  Other days?  Daffy Duck.  Most of the time?  Chico.

Why, we even look alike!



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