Book News! Poetry! Black Radio!

The real news is that, “Poetry,” directed by Lee Chang-dong, is by far the best movie I have seen in ages.  시, as we say in Korea, is about an old woman caught up at the end of her life with fewer choices that might reflect her pursuit of art, identity, family, and community.  The acting is so real that it feels as if a documentarian made the picture, and the depth of emotion deeply layered.

Anyhoo, as ma says, here we have more mundane affairs.  The F&F Express is at the station: All aboard!

Improper Bostonian ran a piece on the book that came out last night: Lead story noting Craigie on Main.  “Nice,” as Santos says.

Then Drew Nieporent shot me an unsolicited cover quote.  He joins Keller & Boulud.  The former’s assistant talked of promotion in Yountville.

Meanwhile, who here has heard of, “Black Radio?”  Show of hands.  I didn’ think so.  Well, check it out.  Robert Glasper tears it up on this Blue Note meld of hip-hop & jazz.  Frank, as honest as Stew, Glasper is kind of like George Clinton minus the THC.  An’ you know what?  I wrote his management to find out when he’d in Boston?  You know what she said?  Next Tuesday, just down the street!  That’s right, so I bought tickets.  Of course.



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