March Madness

I don’t know about you, I never did, but March had better stay true to its reputation and go out like a lamb.  What a hullabaloo of disparate events so far! Makes me feel as if I am in The Matrix.  Or something.

As the Stones put it 34 years ago–sigh, it seems like yesterday–“There’s rats on the West side, bedbugs uptown,what a mess, this town’s in tatters, I’ve been shattered!”

Only this time?  Psycho Sgt. Slays Men, Women, & Children in Afghanistan!  That’ll show ’em!  NCAA releases the roster!  C’s lose to Lakers!  The High court decides health care!  Geese squawk ’round midnight!  Robert Glasper leads the way out!

I know this must all seem confusing.  Where is the focus?  What connects these varied events?

OK, fine, you guessed it: “In the Weeds: The Psychology of Chefs and Restaurants,” left home today.  In the hands of my agent and editor.  It’s scary, isn’t it?  Like a fasten seatbelt sign coming on or a dog off leash.  But, yeah, most times the plane lands safely, the dog comes back.

Go Blue!

Crisler Center


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