A Secret Admirer

Everyone has a secret admirer.  What’s that you say?  You don’t know who yours is?  That’s because it’s a secret, silly.  Pay attention.

My secret admirer is rich with complexities and contradictions.  The main thing I’ll say is this: Her points about observing others rather than putting forward what seems Self evident?  Good points!  Certainly segues in a timely way with the my current developmental  stage: I prefer to listen, I always enjoyed watching.

This is the context for all events taking place: The Eva Braun bio, the visits to Russo’s, the blood orange juice brimming.

At Russo’s this A.M. I was led back to see the mushrooms.  Big, fat oysters!

And tomorrow?  You guessed it: Area 4.

One thought on “A Secret Admirer

  1. Area 4? I did not guess that. This whole rift is too secret and silly to understand. So many complexities and contradictions! Way beyond me.

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