The Upcoming War on Iran and What It Means To Gourmands

The outcome of any armed conflict is never what the generals or political leaders intended.  Take the Falkands.  Did anyone ever imagine that the Falklands War between Argentina and England would lead to Elvis Costello’s terrific song, “Shipbuilding?”  That, in “Shipbuilding,” Elvis would employ Chet Baker on a long, achingly beautiful trumpet solo?  That hearing the solo, I would then go out and buy a gazillion Chet Baker CDs, discover West Coast jazz, including Art Pepper?

The same goes for food.  Look, I’m not saying it was wise to wage war in Vietnam.  (The Vietnamese call it, “The American War.)  But without the Vietnam War, there’d be no pho in the U.S.!  No fresh spring rolls of rice flour!  No sweet and sour dipping sauce!

You can see where I’m going with this.

When the first missiles and planes leave for Iran, you can be sure that the Iranian allies, the Chinese, are going to be plenty mad, and tempted to be drawn into a global conflict.  But why bother?  Isn’t it easier just to gamble, speculate, provide cheap labor, hoard capital, and loan money and live on the interest?  With short-sighted experts happy to provide China with the knowledge it needs to continue its course, war is so yesterday.

So, no, it’ll just be a limited kind of pummeling and retaliatory drive-by shootings and…terrific Iranian dishes prepared by emigres coming here to escape the bloodshed.  We’re talking chelo kebab, shashlijk, khoresht, amazing rice, and subtle spices.

You have to take the good with the bad, right?  Bad to blow up other countries.  Good to enjoy the food the refugees bring to us.

Dig in!

Here’s something to look forward to:


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