City Life

Just like mimes, every city has its culinary strengths and weaknesses.  Some mimes are good at showing a man opening a door, but not so good ay sipping coffee.  The reverse can be true, too.  Applying this POM (Philosophy of Mimes) to eating in cities, I’ve arrived at a few preliminary observations.  This is early stuff, not the RCT (random controlled trials) that we’re still running, but at least it’s data worth parsing.

For example:

In San Francisco, I seek out Mexican, local, Chinese, and refined American food.  Pizza?  No, of course not.  Irish pubs?  Great Italian-American?

In NYC, look for sushi, Italian-American, Italian, and French.

Boston: Bakeries, pizza, inexpensive Asian.   Quick question: Why are all the BBQ joints that are popular–Sweet Cheeks, East Coast Grill, Soul Fire, Blue Ribbon–owned by white people?  Do white people in New England have a unique talent and cultivated skill for BBQ?

Maybe this man has an answer:


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