Operation Enduring Freedom

Like most of you, I have been catching up on my reading about the war in Afghanistan between bites of doughnuts and walking the dogs.  I’d no idea that the official military name for the war is: Operation Enduring Freedom. Previously, the name had been Operation Infinite Justice, but apparently had been changed since it sounds too much like a religious phrase and offends Muslims who, according to Wikipedia, are the majority religion in Afghanistan.  (That info about the majority religion is provided for those who may have thought that Evangelical Christianity was the majority born again religion in Afghanistan.  No, wrong!  These folks got it right the first time.)

What all this has to do with food is almost beyond me, but there is an explanation:  You may have noticed that this site was down the past 48 hours.  The result of a fierce fire fight between insurgents and the brave warriors here at Firebase Lilley in Shkin Valley on the Pakistani border.  The generators looked like Swiss cheese and we were reduced to K rations.  Thoughts of food turned to thoughts of war and survival.

We persevered.

It’s funny how being isolated here, moonlight and gray the two main colors, my thinking becomes clouded.  I don’t think so much about home, but instead envision HOME, an idealized place where doughnuts are the side of Buicks,  the only fire is for BBQ, and Swiss cheese goes with ham on rye.

Ham and swiss cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato on rye bread Stock Photo - 7432765


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