Easter Bunnies

It’s true.  No rumor: I did see two bunnies near the corner of Channing and Brattle before 8 A.M.  One of the black dogs saw the bunnies, the other black dog did not see the bunnies.  The bunnies were on their hind feet and then they hopped off.

Did the bunnies know it is Easter?  For that matter, did the dogs know?

Doubtful.  Neither species is about holidays.

On the walk back home, I thought about the bunnies as well as the stunning rabbit pot pie I have had at The Dutch in NYC.  Folks, that is one mean rabbit pot pie!

I am not sure what Edward Luttwak would think of the bunnies, dogs, or rabbit pot pie, but I do know that he thinks a lot, and that his recent essay in the London Review of Books about Mitchell’s new translation of The Iliad was so well written that I picked up my Sarah Ruden translation and put it on top of the ziggurat of 15 unread books on the right of this raised drafting table.

But say that Luttwak is hungry for more than just knowledge.  Say he wants rabbit and he wants it now…

Take a skinned rabbit that’s been chopped into eight pieces.  Dust in flour.  Add salt and pepper.  Pan sear about an 1/8th of a cup of good olive oil and add two tablespoons of butter.  Add the rabbit.  Brown on both sides.  Remove from pan and lower heat.  Add one chopped celery stalk, one chopped carrot, one chopped onion, two chopped cloves of garlic.  Crank up heat and cook until done.  Put rabbit back.  Add 1/4 cup of white wine, 1/4 cup of water, a bay leaf, and parsley.  Place in oven preheated to 350 for 20 minutes.  Remove.  Correct the salt and pepper.  Serve hot with good, crusty bread and Belgian ale or a Malbec.

The choice is yours:

White rabbit in the farm Stock Photo - 11536919



Rabbit Meat

One thought on “Easter Bunnies

  1. Bunnies are so cute. Though I wouldn’t want one as a pet I’d probably feel a little guilty eating a bunny, especially for Easter.

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