Eating in the Age of Anxiety

As if earlier ages were not times of anxiety.  In fact, there are for many more than before, fewer realities to be anxious about these days.  That said, life’s a killer, every which way, and Batali had it right when he said, quoting the Italian adage: “No one grows old at the table.”

These thoughts came flying at me after reading Frank Bruni’s great op-ed today about obesity in America.  FB believes that the problem is the inevitable outcome of some kinds of agribusiness conspiracy.  Um, OK, but still it’s thought provoking.

Later, in the same NYT, a good piece in the Science section describing the benefits and challenges of BV (Becoming Vegan).  Right at the gate, the author notes that it’s a great diet for those with a private chef, but an uphill battle for the rest of us.  Personally, my favorite foods are vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, and fish so, except for the latter, I’m in the same boat.  More specifically, I stopped ordering meat about four years ago in restaurants, except for burgers about six times a year, and stick to veg apps and pastas.

And Kajitsu in the East Village?  Well, duh and double duh: The best Shojin restaurant in the good ol’ US of A!  But you knew that.

Here’s the thing: People eat large quantities because it’s easy and satisfying, and the consequences are not immediately evident.  If the Pavlovian thing were present: Bing, shock, as in high fat meat, heart attack or HBP (high blood pressure) or diabetes, maybe behavior would change.

Meanwhile, do fries go with that shake?


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