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A flurry of letters to the editor in today’s NYT about sustainability.  Readers point out correctly that the most sustainable thing to do, vis a vis the environment, is to stop eating animals.  Where that leaves the protein starved poor is a different question, but I hear that this will be addressed in Robin Williams’s next film, “Hello, Mumbai!”  In this forthcoming movie, Williams plays a Peace Corps volunteer working in the slums of Mumbai.  Confronted by rail thin children and sickly, dying people in their thirties, Williams must come to terms with his vegetarian lifestyle.  I don’t want to spoil the ending, but let’s just say that people change!  (Hint: The kids learn to love Dr. Pritikin’s soy burgers and Williams goes nuts for lamb!)

On a related note: The farmers, fisherman, truckers, purveyors, restaurateurs, dishwashers, servers, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters put out of work by the sustainable switch to TVL (The Vegan Lifestyle) learn to take up sewing and handicrafts.  It’ll be a return to the Thirties when the WPA (Work Project Administration) lifted up America only moments before handing everyone weapons.  Films will be made, books will be written about our new era: Sustainable America!

I will say this: Obviously, obviously, not killing animals is a good thing.  I think eating meat is kind of a downer.  But the economic ramifications of the switchover is a huge facet of sustainability, and it’s hardly ever ever ever talked about.  You could say it’s the elephant in the room.

Dinner or our new friend, Tiny?

Elephant, Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

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