A-2, Day 2

It’s another glorious day in Ann Arbor, where white picket fences exist alongside abandoned homes and students mingle freely with people whose vocation it is to clean up after them.

As is true, I’m learning slowly, the markets here are even better than the businesses that cook the food.  Trackleman’s must have the best smoked salmon outside of Zabar’s and Russ and Daughters.  Zingerman’s is a true center for beautiful artisanal, well sourced products and, Ari’s credo, price be damned if the food is good.  We are talking beautiful breads, bagels, smoked fish, and an impressive, focused array of meats and cheeses, many from the US of A, including product from Alan Benton!

On the restaurant end: Le Dog, in town?  Terrific, filling soups, though a tad salty, are a great way to stave off cold.  Just down the street?  Osteria Mani, my new home away from home.  On South Main?  Raven’s and Jolly Pumpkin.  And nearby?  The Grange, Logan’s, and Pacific Rim.

This is one interesting food town, big for its britches, where the emphasis is on the plate rather than on the person doing the expediting or cooking.

Funny how good food can taste when the chef puts his or her ego aside and permits the flavors to take center stage.

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