Pictured Rocks Redux

OK, so it was irresistible, Pictured Rocks, yesterday, same hike, in reverse, as Monday, and substituting Chapel Falls for Mosquito Falls.  Views of grottos, cliffs, beaches, and water with many hues of green and blue.  I had seen nothing like it.  The lake, which for centuries has had people gasping and saying, “It’s like an ocean,” had me gasping and saying, “It’s like an ocean!”  The trail on the cliffs we followed was, in parts, so close to the edge that the effect was dizzying.

And here’s something: Hardly anyone was there.  We’re talking among the most beautiful places on earth, and what?  We saw four people other than ourselves.

Did this transcendent experience add to the food back on Sunrise Beach?


We had cold beers and pastrami and corned beef sandwiches.  Later that night I took a whole Amish chicken and cut it into eight parts, rolled it in flour, salt, and pepper, heated up some oil, pan fried it for about eight minutes on each side, drained the chicken on a paper bag, and cooked it through in an oven preheated to 450 degrees F for 15 minutes.  Start to finish?  40 minutes.  The result?  Priceless.

Today, unfortunately, it’s a long drive to Ann Arbor.  Just west of here are Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Why we are going south is anyone’s guess.  Right: Jobs.




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