In Season

OK, so yesterday, still woozy after the 17 hours of driving, I looked for ways to cheer up.  What could be better, after walking the dogs, than to go to Russo’s, supplier to the region’s restaurants, to stock on the latest and greatest?

I went into the back where the stuff the restaurants buy is kept.  A few minutes later: A tray holding two pounds of big, beautiful morels.   Yes, it was expensive ($58), but these babies will be used for four dinners so, let’s see, that’s $14.50 a meal, divided by three for three, which means they cost about $4.85 per person.  “Nice,” as Santos would say.  The morels add flavor to roast duck (last night), grilled cheddar and pea soup (tonight), red snapper (tomorrow), etc.

Russo’s also had on display many ramps looking as if they were in the earth only hours ago.  Clean, chop, sauté in olive oil, then add cooked penne to the mix, grated parm, and black pepper.  Oh, yeah.

All this and Game #5 C’s-Hawks?  It’s May!  Hooray!

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