Stormy Weather

Did everyone see the Gail Collins today about morels?  Titled: “Man vs. Morel,” it quoted Richard Mourdock: “’It’s not like I just popped up like a morel mushroom in the spring of agitation,’” Mourdock said last month, in an interview with ABC News.”

See, we are so cutting edge here!

Last night it was snapper on a bed of morels, ramps, and fava.  Tonight we have to take a breather to serve beer and wine at Project Hip-Hop in Roxbury.  As a board member, I am dedicated to saying: “Red?  White?  May I pour that beer for you?”

Meanwhile Game Six: The heir designate and the QM will be attending.  So that’s Scampo beforehand: Elephant ear?  Pasta?  Fish?  Who knows?  I do know it’s a sub for me at home after the aforementioned red, white, and suds.

The overarching context is O’s announcement in favor of gay marriage.  Why should straights be the only ones with the Seven Year Itch?

But what does this have to do with food?  I know!

Cream of morel soup tomorrow night followed by…fresh fish!

This is not Richard Mourdock.  It is a”blond” morel:

morelyellow.jpg (81841 bytes)


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