Where to Eat in Boston: No More Beantown!

I’d stick with NEW DEAL FISH on Cambridge Street x 1000, buy a Weber grill or some kind of solar powered oven used in the developing world and start cooking curbside if I was from out of town or even local and hungry.  Bar none, this fish store is the best I’ve ever been to in the United States.  Carl and his father Sal sell really amazing, first-rate, restaurant quality product.  By restaurant quality I mean the upper echelon.  Rare and exquisite nature of the product, high fat content, perfectly cut.  Due to the richness of what’s sold–the fat–a 1/2 pound served with vegetables is more than enough for two.

Why just last night: Kerala style fish curry (salmon, bone in) with channa masala and steamed spinach.  We’re talking about eight minutes of cooking.

Of course, you can hurry over to HI-RISE for the city’s best bread, too.  $4 and you’ve got a loaf and anything with it tastes good.

If the 5-0 object to your roadside flash mob grilling or baking or pan searing, and once you’re sprung you’re still hungry?  Outside of NYC, we’re talking PIZZA TOWN!  Yes, it’s true: The city has decided to rename itself.  No more Beantown!  Here’s a rundown, in order of greatness: Galleria Umberto, Pizzeria Posto, Santarpio’s, Iggy’s, Haymarket, PICO, Area Four, Armando’s, Pinocchio, Regina’s, T. Anthony’s, Otto,  Upper Crust, Oggi, Cambridge 1.  That’s 15 pizzerias!  Wow!

BBQ isn’t really synonymous with PIZZA TOWN, and there’s been a lot of media fuss over a number of white folks who insist that they can do this, but with the exception of REDBONES, I’d head over to PIT STOP in Mattapan.  BBQ needs soul, and that’s not just about manufacturing sauces and rubs.

For high end dining, and, say, the Acela isn’t running, MARKET, CRAIGIE ON MAIN, GRILL 23, & OM.

The New Official Symbol of Boston!


The Old Official Symbol of Boston!

photo shot of beans in tin can Stock Photo - 7026237


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