Boston Globe Hits Celebrity Chef Hard!

Although I stopped getting the Globe over a year ago, it’s the Playoffs and the paper’s Sports section  is needed to see What is What.  Today Shaughnessy  shares his love for the team by predicting a 4-0 or maybe 4-1 series with the Heat being the 4.  Very uplifting!

In the same vein, the paper has an unsigned editorial taking celebrity chef Todd English to task for having too many restaurants.  The editorial uses the example of his place at Faneuil Hall closing and the crew not completing the clean-up as proof that chefs really ought to limit their enterprise.  The illogic of the criticism is matched nearly by the paper’s long history of criticizing successful Bostonians.  A friend in the hospitality industry some years ago likened it to a kind of class warfare: “They think that people who move out of the old neighborhood, so to speak, are too big for their britches.”  English left Boston for NYC and Other Parts some years ago and only maintains a small presence here in Pizza Town.

But the sheer illogic trumps: McDonald’s, like it or not, is a clean, reliable product with, at last count, 33,000 restaurants.  On a much smaller scale, many chefs and restaurant groups have many restaurants: Good, clean, enjoyable, delicious.

Still, say the Globe is right: Businesses that expand lose control of the franchise and have an inferior product.  Did The New York Times, which owns The Globe, made a mistake when it expanded by buying The Globe?   Let’s face it: The New York Times is a terrific source of credible information while The Globe isn’t.  Maybe the point of the unsigned editorial was to reflect on that.

Meanwhile the one silver lining in Shaughnessy’s dire prediction?  That’s right: No Globe until next year’s NBA Post-Season!

Basketball and basketball court floor plan. Illustration on white background. Stock Photo - 10661901


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