The lead, Front Page story in today’s NY Times  is about Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to, “ban big sizes of sugary drinks.”  It’s a fine decision, and though it may seem like a small shot in the war on obesity and the deleterious effects that condition has on health, banning sugary drinks is specific and well-targeted.  Along with NYC’s calorie counts in franchises and the leadership in lowering salt in restaurants and processed food, what we have here is a metropolis in which people are going to be given opportunities to be fit and healthy.

Sugar has been on my mind lately:  A recent review in the TLS of a book about sugar barons in the Caribbean, and how they created fortunes in England and developed the slave trade to farm the cane to make the sugar.

Interesting to posit a link between the old enslavement of sugar and the new ways in which this delicious white substance can harm us.

Top view on teaspoon with white sugar on white wooden table Stock Photo - 11107348

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