Foie Gras Ban Goes Into Effect in 25 Days!

Do you know about the ban on foie gras in California that goes into effect on July 1st?
Do you realize what’s about to happen?  NO MORE DUCK OR GOOSE LIVER IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!
The state won’t be able to compete, culinary-speaking, with other places where geese and duck are force fed and then slaughtered to extract fattened livers to be pan seared, salted, and served with a good Sauterne.
Did you ever think this day would come?
The NY Times has an article about the news in tomorrow’s paper.  Here’s a quote: “We want to get our fill before it’s gone,” said Terrance L. Stinnett, a lawyer from Alamo, Calif., who attended a farewell lunch here recently. “This is a wake.”
Attorney Stinnett’s hyperbolic and ironic comparison aside, foe gras is a peculiar target to ban.
Do animal rights activists really believe that cows, chickens, pigs, fish, and shellfish are coaxed gently to the death needed so that we can eat them?
Here’s Michael Pollan, quoted in the NYT piece: “I think it’s really a way for people to feel like they’ve done something without doing anything,” he said. “There’s so many more serious problems we’re not dealing with.”
Furthermore, how much foie gras is consumed, anyway?  Compared to the cows that are stunned and beheaded or bled to death–shout out to our Islamic and Jewish brothers and sisters following Halal and Kosher laws, respectively–so that we can enjoy their muscles ground up with secret sauce on a sesame seeded bun?

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