Broccoli & The Supremes

Just like most of you, I avoid broccoli unless it appears when served with General Gau’s chicken.  Who General Gau was, whether the dish would be as popular if it was called Captain Gau’s chicken, or why I was ravenous for it yesterday?  Questions for another day.

That said, I see Justice Scalia’s point about broccoli.  It’s a pretty awful vegetable, and I love vegetables.  Want a green vegetable that’s good for you?  How about Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, or Savoy cabbage?  Better yet, head over to your local Chinese or Korean or Japanese grocery store and stock up on beautiful Asian vegetables.  The array of stuff is amazing and when stir fried quickly with smidges of garlic and ginger, tossed into a broth, tossed with noodles: Very satisfying.

So let’s mandate everyone to eat Asian.

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