Europe Is About To Collapse!

We haven’t seen anything like this in, what, 75 years?  It is gonna be ugly.  U-G-L-Y.  Here is what’s gonna happen in a matter of weeks or maybe a few months: Greece elects a government on Sunday that, nationalistic or not, creates the mood for leaving the E.U.  Spain, faced with astronomically high interest rates on loans and 20% unemployment, defaults.  The Euro, buttressed by Germany, disintegrates.  The clever Swiss and English see their currencies soar.  U.S. exports to Europe decline because no one can afford them.  Unemployment rises just in time for the November elections.

The good news?

We have really good micro-breweries in this country.  I had a couple of canned cold ones last night with delicious pizza from Upper Crust while watching Lebron go mad.  We also have very nice bakeries.

The beer and pizza and bread will come in handy soon…

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