The Albany Report

One would think that after so many years of living in the East that I would have visited Albany, New York before this Friday.  Not so.  At last, I made it to the capital of The Empire State.

Prolonging the arrival, I took Route Two from Boston, through rural Massachusetts and Upstate, where, at the border, a northern vista near a hairpin turn showed me 60 miles towards Vermont.  So beautiful it was startling.

Albany seems to have a healthy mix of varying hues.  Burmese, African Americans, white folks, etc.  The architecture is simply lovely and at places dramatic as is often the case in capitals.  Lots of 1920s brick row houses, old school restaurants.

We found a wonderful place: New World Bistro.  A wildly eclectic menu served up by tat covered, cheery wait staff in a bar like atmosphere.  I’d go back in a heartbeat.  Sweetbreads with Egyptian hummus, a good, flatbread pizza, stewed beef with plantain.

The next A.M. it was buttered bialys at All Good Bakers where Elizabeth and Nick hold court.  A garlic scape scone.  All Good is right.  Dude with the Cat in the Hat tat on his right forearm was chill.

Followed by a long stroll on Delaware Avenue.  Must once have been an Italian neighborhood: A fabulous bakery, three first rate grocers.  Forty-five minutes later and I had eggplant ravioli and pappardelle.

It’s a city that attracts me.

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