One Good Broth Deserves Another

The Noodle Craving has taken on new dimensions.  And aren’t we all tired of protein driven meals in which the sides are kind of a nod to the Primary Care doc who insists on more green?

The solution is to look to Asia: China and Japan and the Southeast.  Here we are talking broths and noodles and veg and a smudge of protein.

It is so easy.

Here’s what you do:

Boil water.  When boiling, add udon or egg noodles.  Cook a few minutes until nearly done.  Rinse under cold water.  Set aside.

In a small pot, heat up a few tablespoons of canola oil.  Add a thinly sliced garlic clove, a quarter sized piece of chopped ginger, and a thinly sliced onion.  Stir until wilted.  Add two tablespoons of good quality Japanese miso: Blond, brown, or brown with barley.  Stir.  Add about 1 and 1/2 cups of water.  Stir.  Add whatever good vegetables you have on hand: Fresh lava beans,two  thinly sliced bok choy, kernels you have cut off a couple of ears of corn, etc.  Fresh chanterelle, bean sprouts, etc.  Don’t overdo it.  Lower the heat.

Get a good piece of fish, no more than 1/4 pound per person: Toro, red snapper, salmon, whatever.  Salt and pepper and canola oil on a plate.  Dip the fish in that.  Heat up a cast iron pan.  Pan sear the fish.  Remove from heat.  Let cool.

Put noodles in two bowls.  Add broth.  Add vegetables.  Slice fish and place atop the bowls.  Put a smudge of salt on the fish.

Total prep time: About 5 minutes.  Total cooking time: About 15 minutes.

Chopsticks, a spoon, and you are good to go.

You will need these:

Brown chopstick isolated on white background Stock Photo - 10462293


One thought on “One Good Broth Deserves Another

  1. Sounds yummy. Love Asian food–but always order from restaurant and find myself 8 – 10 lbs heavier next day–then able to lose in 24 (or less) hrs.
    I’m sure your version does not contain so much sodium (soy sauce, etc,).
    Would love your recipe sour and your explanation for what I am doing wrong and what to tell the restaurants –as at the moment don’t cook my own Asian food.

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