What is Terroir?

You might be the sort of person who looks for news about food in the Food sections of various media.  Not me: I look to the Business sections.  Follow the money, and you get the best stories.

In today’s NY Times: Charges of fraud roil the wine industry of Burgundy.  Now this may not seem so so so important, given the sense that within 120 days, max, Europe as we know it will fragment, collapse politically, and send the price of Brie soaring, but when the zenith of wine is seen as committing fraud, it reverberates across all industries.

Specifically, the Times reports: “The Burgundy wine industry has been in an uproar since news emerged last week that four executives of one of the largest wine producers in the region, Labouré-Roi, had been detained on suspicion of falsely labeling hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine.”

What these guys are accused of is adding wine to top off the good stuff and also mislabeling ordinary wine to jack up the prices.

More generally, the broader implications are that the pride associated with making great wine may be taking a back seat to our old friend, Profit.  Even more broadly, the question of trust comes up.  If you can’t trust the pinnacle of one of the world’s rarest, finest products, what is going on elsewhere in economies?  Are other products sneaking around the rules?

Of course, that’s what we call a RQ (Rhetorical Question).

The Road to Perdition in Burgundy:

The road to Chateauneuf in Burgundy on a beautiful summer day. Stock Photo - 10846593



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