Get In, Get the Money, Get Out

The last time I went into NYC and out the same day was in my twenties.  I started that behavior when I was a teen: A play, a slice, the bus back to Chocolate City.

This time it was to video the very estimable Alfred Portale: Chef-owner of Gotham Bar & Grill.  I love this guy.  He was cool before chefs were cool, and his coolness was and is based on the work, the honesty, and the very beautiful ingredients used in his restaurant.

Prior, running late due to a two hour flight delay, I had to bag a much desired lunch at Boulud Sud with my lovely friend G.  Everyone should have a friend like G.  She’s just such a kick.  Smart and a kick, bonus!

But instead it was solo at the bar at Lupa.  Now that I’d never done before.  Eat solo at Lupa, I mean.  Grilled mackerel with grapefruit and oxtail ragu with garganelli.  Man, that is pure heaven.  I love this place.

After the shooting with Alfred, I walked uptown to meet Shoko, a.k.a Cool Miss Cool.  We ate at my favorite sushi place in N.A.: Sushi Yasuda.  Wow, right?  Hamachi, unagi, anago, etc.  The etc. was especially delicious.

Then it was a mad dash to Newark.


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