Bangkok for Beginners

On MVFD (my very first day) in Bangkok, I had expected to wake up in Sin City, discover that it was kind of a Las Vegas of the East, complete with prostitution and broader dissolution and sad states of human suffering.  But, no, there was little evidence of misery.  Not that it’s not there, but what was evident was:

Delicious, little stands selling freshly cut papaya, melon, pineapple, and mango.  The latter was hard and as pale as a blond, and dipped in the sugar and chili that you are handed, is really this side of heaven.

Stands or shops selling delicious fried chicken or grilled chicken.  The latter dipped in a thick, fresh peanut sauce and served with cucumber slices and chili.

On the streets?  Trying to catch the vibe.  What vibe, I am not sure.  Are people happy?  Are they unhappy?  Do they move with rhythm?  Are they listening to music in their heads?

People do seem to teeter re social confidence.  I don’t see many couples holding hands nor males and females chatting.

In addition to the street action, I escape to the RSR (Rock Star Room) here at the St. Regis.  It’s on the 22nd Floor, all glassed in, with views of the race track, the whole city, and lovely parks where, just yesterday, I saw people eating broth in bowls.

Last night, however, I was invited by the hotel’s chef to dine at the Chef ‘s Table: Goose liver, duck liver, beef cheeks…this was food so savory that I began to hallucinate.  Not really, but I could imagine a room with a view and a life here in the FE (Far East).

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