The flight on the Malaysian, alcohol free Air Asia plane that took us from  Bangkok to Chiang Rai was uneventful.  Unless you consider  reading a dozen or so pages of, “Burmese Days,” Orwell’s classic, cruel, funny, ironic satire on British imperial rule in this region an event.  Reminiscent of Paul Scott, but tighter and funnier and less about the author than the subject, BD (Burmese Days) is just the ticket.  Also: Gave insight into the true subjects of “Animal Farm” and “1984.”  Why, it was imperialism, Virginia, and not the Reds!

The supermarket and the local market were abundant.  These folks know food and they’re not prissy about how it is shown nor eaten.  Beautiful, blue hard shell crabs, grouper, and chicken parts in blue, plastic bins or on ice, picked over by customers who know precisely what they want.

Beautiful ginger, tiny garlic cloves, long “Chinese” chives, and small, yellow onions.

Back at the houses where we are staying–Elephant House and Monkey House–there were views of mountains, a lake, jungle vegetation.  The interior, tall ceiling EH (Elephant House) is magnificent.  Easily the most beautiful home I’ve ever been in, let alone rented.  Progency at MH (Monkey House) reports same on scale less grand.

Now it is a heavy monsoon rain and mists are stationary on the low rise of mountains.  I woke to the sound and feel of thunder so powerful that the house shook.
This is my favorite kind of weather, heavy rain, as it compels everything to slow down, and it implies abundance.  Also, in a former life I was a duck.  No kidding, there’s feathery evidence.

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