Blissed Out

Having attended an exhibition at a museum sponsored by an organization in support of The Queen Mother, and there having encountered many very evocative B&W photos, I sent an email to the photographer, Chalit Chawalitangkun, and yesterday met him at his SOtA (state of the art) studios in DCR (downtown Chiang Rai): Bliss Studios.

His work is deceptively simple, like Chekhov, and it’s often interesting what happens when an artist creates without judgment.

The expressions of his subjects also have the effect of inspiring others, who are not photographers, to observe people beyond or in addition to how they wish to be seen.

Prior, we had a wonderfully spicy lunch, riverside, and a handful of thuggish looking guys and a cheery looking gal sat at the table next to ours.  Could not guess their occupations.



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