Hands Down!

People in Thailand are kind of snack crazy, eating small amounts of food as meals throughout the day and night, so that you leave the table just about satisfied, but not quite.  This leaves you ready for the next experience.  Arguably, this approach is informed by some kind of interpretation  of Buddhist principle: Striving for perfection.  And, unlike some countries I could name (Japan), the feeling of longing carries no regret or loneliness.

Which brings me to: Thamma Da Day Spa by Chivit Thamma Da. 179 Moo 2, Soi Rong Suae Ten 3, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand. 053-166 622.

Folks, this place r-o-c-k-s.  From Duangjai Bumrungkul, the red skirted receptionist and her colleague, Pattharabadin Chaisuwan, the dude with the gorgeous gold bracelet, to the masseurs, we’re talking people who can CYD (calm you down)!  One hour of hands, and you’ll be dizzy.

Next to the spa?  A Swedish bakery with very chill clientele: Thai, farangs, whatever.  There is a free floating library of great books, Sixties style, draft Singha, views of the lazy, brown river, and dozens of chairs and sofas for lounging PM (pre massage or post massage).


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