Tales of the Jungle

Well, not really.  OK, there is some jungle, but mostly roads, shops, and homes have been built to stand up to the relentless greenery.  Still, it’s there, visible from my post here, and that rustling just to the west?  Is it the wind swaying the tall, grassy bamboo stalks?  Or is it something else?

Today we leave this region for a brief layover in Bangkok.  My flight to Narita is at 5:40 A.M. on Sunday so it appears that I’ll be up long hours.  Plenty of time to fret over shortcomings!  In Bangkok there will be just enough time to get a massage and a meal at Bolan.

Yesterday it was more of the same although…my stomach seems to have a life of its own.  This isn’t the G.I. bill here, it’s another G.I.

So I settled for pan frying cheeseburgers and having FF for dinner rather than every herb known to mankind.

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