Post Eel Holiday Blues

With Doyo no Ushi no Hi behind us, it’s back to normal, just another typical day, and only 364 more days to go until the next Doyo no Ushi no Hi rolls around.  The celebrations ended early, what with the big eel parade on Newbury Street curtailed due to the downturn in the economy, and I was in bed by ten P.M.

Lunch in Boston featured the city’s signature dish: Two slices of good pizza.  Say what you like about the ad revenue from restaurants generating copy on how good their food is, let’s be honest: This town excels at slices and bread.  Carb city. Goes well with the ETOH.

Dinner was a good, simple veal Bolognese enhanced with freshly chopped parsley, parmigiano, and black pepper all tossed with penne from Naples.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, the news, as reported on today’s NYT front page, is that 11 Madison, having acquired three Michelin stars, is tossing out the celestial menu and replacing it, after Labor Day, with, “flashes of Broadway dazzle,” that will include, “Card tricks, a glass dome full of smoke, a blast of sea mist from a tabletop clambake, and a cheese course that emerges from a picnic basket placed on the table.”  The fun comes after you drop $195 per person, exclusive of tax, drinks, and tip, which means, really, that we’re talking ballpark $600 a couple at a minimum.  I don’t know.  Wouldn’t it be easier just to give guests hand jobs while they eat the food?


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