72 Hours in Boston

It’s another madcap weekend in Boston!

After a late morning arrival on Friday from Narita via Detroit, it was a couple of slices followed by many walks with dogs and then veal Bolognese.  The next two days, dawn heralded the Festival of the Starting of the Car.

Saturday A.M.: A locked psychiatric hospital to evaluate two people who were not on the bus.  (As in, “Are you on the bus or off the bus?”)  One of them, clearly an extra in life, looked as spooked and angry as a kid lost hiking.

Sunday A.M.: Locked hospital #2, and two more outliers.  No sex and no rock and roll.  Well, one out of three isn’t bad.  Right?  Right?

The merriment was punctuated by a three mile run, and the traditional end of the Festival: Jerk chicken made from scratch with homemade backed beans and collards.  First, you take three whole chickens and cut them into small pieces.  Then you marinade them in a mix of fresh ginger, thyme, an onion, dried allspice, black pepper, soy, vinegar, and a pinch of ground red pepper.  Let them soak overnight or a few hours.  Get a fire going.  Five minutes on each side.  Heat an oven to 250 F.  Place chickens in oven for 25 minutes.  Shout out to my Jamaican grandmother, Sunny.

Stand back.



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