Summer BBQ

Yesterday, the birthday girl in the house was feted.

We’re talking homemade baked beans in the pressure cooker, corn in the microwave (shout out to Roger Berkowitz), jerked pork, cheeseburgers, and spicy chicken sausages.

The jerk was a quick marinade from Gram Sunny, noted here last week.  Grilled four minutes each side, then in low heat in an oven (200 F).

The little prime burgers?  Two minutes over low flame per side, then in a pan with shredded Emmental under a broiler for 60 seconds.  Lots of salt and pepper.

Sausages?  Three minutes each side.  Low heat in an oven (200 F).

Dessert?  Birthday girl made herself a chocolate cake.

Prep?  Fifteen minutes.

Cooking time? Grill was 18 minutes.  Oven was 11 minutes.

Fed 12, went to bed by ten.

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