The Albany Report: Part Two

Back to Albany, Visit #2, to drop off progeny and get her settled in.  The new digs are pre-war with high ceilings in a leafy urban neighborhood across the street from several very good bars and restaurants.  More bang for the buck when you leave the big cities.

Last night we went to Midtown Tap and Tea Room for pre-game Martinis.  Kathy, the weekend bar manager, ex-Brooklynite, was chill.  Great room, great drinks.

Then, rounding up everyone we knew, we went a few doors down to an Albany icon: The Fountain.  Old School pizza and a half and half, and we’re good.  Two bucks bought Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass on the jukebox.  Talk about old school.  The pizzas were unctuous; someone must own a dairy.  No need for so much cheese, but the kind of pies it’s hard not to plough through.  The half and halfs were fun: Baked slices of bread topped on one half with sausage and one half with meatballs.

Today’s mission: Bagels.  But from all the Internet postings, I think we may fail.  People praise Bruegger’s and Price Chopper.  Uh oh.  That’s not happening.

More successful will be the sub purchase for the plane ride to Philadelphia later this afternoon.  Albany has an impressive Italian-American community and there are a few first-rate grocery stores.

Philadelphia?  Glad you asked.  Interviewing Chef Marc Vetri for a video.


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