Gun Control & The American Diet

If it was an Onion article, I would have understood, but when Marc Bittman weighed in today on gun control and what he termed the “standard American diet,” I just shook my head in wonder.

Bittman comes out in favor of gun control!  Woo-hoo.  Made me think of a cartoon I saw when I was a teen that showed a math professor in front of a board of equations saying to his students: “Some of you have asked me to speak out against the war.  I am against the war.  Now returning to the question of the isosceles triangle…”

I mean, honestly: I’m delighted to hear another voice in favor of gun control.  As I’m sure the huge majority of Bittman’s readers are.  Talk about preaching to the choir.

And I’m sure there are plenty of smug expressions appearing when his readers look at comments on the “standard” American diet.  Guess what is not on that diet?  Fancy olive oil, lots of vegetables and fruits, fish, and limited salt intake.  Too bad there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever for longevity or health in relationship to diet.  Except the salt.  Cut down on the salt.

Bittman says it best, with unintended irony: “I suppose it goes without saying, but United States gun regulation is lax.”



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