Eat This, No, Eat This: Gun Control

After a month in Asia, divided between Thailand and Japan, I returned to these shores inspired by the platings, flavors, and ingredients used by our sisters and brothers in the Far East.

For one thing, why use a fork and knife?  Does that sound like fun to you?

What I love about certain dishes from certain places in Asia is the ease of preparation and the focus on the collection of ingredients and not just the protein.

Take this dish I watched people make in northwestern Thailand.  It’s basically a Chinese peasant hot pot.

Chop up about a tablespoon each of two fresh herbs.  I used mint and cilantro.   Place in a small, deep bowl fit for one person.  Add sambal oelek if you like heat; I like heat, I added about 1/2 a teaspoon.  Add about three tablespoons of uncooked bean sprouts.  Boil water.  Add about a handful of egg noodles to the boiling water.  Remove after two minutes; reserve the water.  Run noodles under cold water and place in bowl.  Pan sear some fish.  I used about 4 oz of toro.  Amazing quality, thanks to New Deal.  I sprinkled the fish with salt and freshly cracked black pepper, rolled it in a little, good olive oil, and placed it in a very hot, black cast iron pan.  Pan seared on both sides, about 90 seconds each.  Pour some of the reserved pasta water into the bowl.  Top with the toro.  Dig in.

By the way: I am in favor of gun control.

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