One of the many things I brought back from Japan is a desire for deeper flavor.  Simple, deeper flavor.  So there’s this scientist, see?

File:Kikunae Ikeda.jpg

Dr. Kukunae Ikeda–that’s the fellow.  And Doc found that foods with high amounts of glutamate taste better.

We’re talking anchovies, parmesan cheese, tomatoes.  Stuff like that.

The good news is that I am adding these ingredients to sauces and, say, Doc Ikeda was right.

Last night?  A Caesar’s salad with four chopped anchovies that disappeared in the sauce.  Sunday: Lunch for the week of a Bengali stew with tomatoes and anchovies.  The other day?  Penne with parm.

If you research umami, you can find other ingredients that have it.

The secret is out.

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