Released by Pirates

I was released by the pirates at noon today.  Exchange of prisoners: Six of us held by the Somali, and on their side it meant opening a few cells holding low rank soldiers and an unidentified person, in shades, who swaggered to one of our captors.  Big embrace, handshake, and off they sped towards the Gulf until the wake and fumes were memorable.

Grub?  Wasn’t bad.  They cooked up a Korean style fried chicken.  Simply, the pieces are steamed and then fried swiftly in blazing hot oil for a few minutes.  The first method cooks them; the second makes them crispy.  Fat burned off, too, but added in as flavor.  Three thighs atop egg noodles, raw Napa cabbage, and a vinaigrette of soy sauce, white vinegar, ginger, garlic, a drop of sesame oil, a smidge of crushed and dried red pepper, and black pepper, and it was almost possible to forget the bars.

Speaking of which: I hope that the food served Pussy Riot is half as good.  What is up with that, anyway?   Made me think that Dixie Chicks got off easy for criticism of George Bush back in the day when their lead singer said to a concert crowd in London: “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

Maybe we can exchange some prisoners for the three Pussy Riot band members.  Seriously.  On a related note: the judge, Marina Syrova, who sentenced the musicians to two years incarceration in a penal colony, what was she thinking?  No solidarity with the women?  Marina, wake up!

Maybe the women will be granted an early release.  For now, though, let’s find out where they are being sent and send them things.

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