New Restaurant Openings

Wow, hard to believe, but in the past sixty days and in the next sixty, Boston has and will have four new restaurants.  A couple are spinoffs and two are spanking new, and all are promising.

I hope that my belief in them does not carry a curse.  The last couple of places I liked a lot–Rocca and Ginger Park–shuttered.  So much for enjoying food without the frills, food of a region, food that has rules.

Anyhow, in Harvard Square, Bon Chon, a terrific chain of Korean based fried chicken joints opened up a couple of months ago.  In the basement of a building on JFK, we’re talking crispy, spicy bird.  No beer or sake yet, and how you can eat this without that is beyond me, but: they have take out and free delivery.

This Fall, on Brattle: A branch of Toscano will open: Straight ahead Tuscan food.  Memorable, precise.  Good pastas.  Not some harebrained interpretation of  Italian food, but the real thing.

In the South End: Yakitori Zai opened last month.  On the web, people are griping about its prices.  The same people who don’t hesitate to spend $12 for a cocktail.  Anyhow, folks: Yakitori is expensive!  Eat it or don’t.  But the price?  That is what first rate bird costs.

And coming this Fall: ASTA.  In Back Bay.  Ex-sous chef from L’Espalier and a manager from Hi-Rise in their first restaurant.


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