Another Day, Another Dollar

My goodness, so much is going on in the world today and each and every day that it’s a wonder that focus is even on the table.  For starters, a levee was breached in New Orleans and massive flooding is predicted.  Morsi is in Teheran to discuss whether the nuclear fallout from planned bombings will blow west to Cairo.  Melissa Clark is eating figs in Brooklyn.

Me?  I’m still recovering from watching a chemical restraint on a locked unit, mulling over the three crazy-delicious pieces of o-toro I pan seared last night and served with spinach and fennel and onions beside cherry tomatoes in balsamic and parmigiano.

The skinny is the book proposal on nonresident Indians, the edit of the book on chefs, and the family history after the 1872 Emancipation.

Busy, busy, busy.

I think it must be environmental, no?  The squirrels are out in battalion force.  Birds not singing like they used to.  Concert announcements.  U-Hauls stuck under low bridges on Storrow Drive.

My goodness!

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