Countdown to the Bombing of Qum with Snacks

I was loaded into a van as soon as I left the house, after walking the dogs, and with a sack over my head it was impossible to tell who I was with or where we were going.

That was yesterday.

I heard the voices of two men and they were discussing falafel and hummus, grilled fish, and the thickness of pita bread.

The twin doors opened in a big parking garage, emptied of cars, and the two men led me by the elbows into a conference room that had an egg shaped table in it and about a dozen swivel chairs.

I had thought we were going to talk about branding: How Michelin is free and based on the merits of the establishment while Relais Gourmand is sold at, ballpark, $12,000 per year and used by the restaurant–we’re talking here about Menton–to imply that some standard has been achieved.

But no!

We were in a bunker and the talk, to sum up, was: Should Obama wait to issue a bombing order on Qum until after the election or before?  If he did not wait, and world conflagration followed, what with the Chinese heavily invested in the Iranian nuclear venture, wouldn’t that be a bad thing?  But if he did wait, and the Iranians developed nuclear capability by Election Day, wouldn’t Obama lose the Presidency?

Snacks were served, and most of these were really delicious: Crispy fried falafel, a terrific hummus that had a strong tahini flavor, a nice and simple tomato salad with light vinegar and oil dressing.



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