Beneath an underpass in East Boston, this corner pizzeria has some of the best pies in the country.  It’s a unique pie in many ways.

I rarely go to Santarpio’s.  The usual routine is a pick-up or drop-off at Logan.  Last night it was a pick-up of a friend moving in with us.

The pies, the pies.

Not thin like Roman nor thick like Neapolitan, not deep like Chicago nor fancy like Puck, Santarpio’s are a true original, an Italian American version.

For one thing, they place the toppings under the cheese.  I can’t think of another pizzeria that does that.  They use a lot of corn meal to keep the bottoms from sticking in the oven.

More broadly, the pies are not thick or thin, the dough is fresh, the sauce is thick and savory, and the cheese is a good, shredded mozzarella.

Last night we had two pies.  Both had a tomato and cheese base.  One was sausage and pepper.  One was mushrooms.  Both were really delicious.

It’s interesting: The friend moving in here spent the last year in L.A.  He missed Italian-American food: Pizza, especially.  Boston has the answer.

And for $24, four people enjoyed two pies.

Old school, by the way: Cash only, Howyoudoin’, white door in the back, get y’pies, getoutaheah.


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