Immigration & The American Diet

Yesterday, I was researching the origins of the huge waves of Indian immigration to the United States.  I know, you, too, right?

So you’ll know all about the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, which created legislation to replace the 1924 immigration laws that had established quotas favoring white, northern European immigrants.  The new law of 1965 created the conditions that led to a huge influx of folks to the U.S. from all over the world.

#1: Mexico.

#2: China.

$3: India.

In 2010 alone, 69,000 Indians moved to the U.S.  In that same year, the estimate of Indians living in this country was put at 1.2 million.  And when you consider that Indians, like many immigrant groups, gravitate towards cities and towns, we now have a strong influence on North American culture from our subcontinental brothers and sisters.

The book I’m working on, which prompted the research, is all about resiliences and authority among Indian immigrants to the U.S.  No other group has achieved so much so fast in so wide a range of occupations.  Unlike other or earlier groups, it was immediate; it did not take a second or third generation.

So, sure, enjoy the second-rate Indian restaurants that pop up.  But the real story is the psychological vibrancy of a group that is changing the ways in which we organize our thinking and plans for the future.




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